Infused Honey Available.

Pleasant Lane Farm Honey LLC has infused Honey available for a limited time!   Our local raw honey has been infused with the following natural flavors:

  • Peach
  • Raspberry
  • Blueberry
  • Cinamon
  • Strawberry

12 oz bottles are just $6.00

Contact us using the form below to reserve yours today!


Pay as they Grow

Please note that we are temporarily sold out of our pay-as-they-grow program animals. 


Pleasant Lane Farms is pleased to introduce a new concept for purchasing high-quality farm raised, free range, USDA inspected beef and pork for your freezer.

Pay as they Grow”  is sort of like layaway for meat products.

You get to lock in the price upfront for your pork or beef, and we will invoice you on a monthly basis as your animal grows.

Our Pay as they Grow price is all inclusive, no hidden or extra fees.   The following (and more) is included with your contracted price:

  1. Acquisition costs
  2. Feeding and care for your animal as it grows
  3. Transportation to processing facility
  4. Processing fees (including inspection, cutting, and packaging)
  5. Delivery to your home (within 50-mile radius of our farm, unless otherwise arranged)
  6. Any other care that may be needed to ensure a healthy and well cared for animal is finished to your specification.

When you contract for a whole or half, we will invoice you for the current weight of the animal.   Each month thereafter you will receive an invoice for the additional weight gained during that period.   Your final invoice and payment will be due when we get the official “hanging” weight from the processing facility.

For example, if you contract for a whole pig at our current price of $4.25 per pound:

Month Estimated Hanging Weight Weight Gain Amount Due at month end ($4.25/lb)
March 30 30 $127.50
April 40 10 $42.50
May 80 40 $170
June 120 40 $170
July 160* actual hanging weight 40 $170* Due at delivery


Q. How much meat will I actually get to put in my freezer?  

A.  Penn State has a great article and formula for calculating how much much meat you should expect yo put in your freezer.    (Generally, about 70% of the hanging weight will end up in your freezer).

Q.  Why don’t you just charge me the “freezer-weight”?

A.  The short answer is you would still end up paying the “hanging weight.”  Some people like bone-out lean cuts of meat, some  want extra fat in their ground meat or pork,  and others might want to take the bones and offal meat for soups or ethnic cooking — each of these options drastically changes the weight of the final product delivered, but our costs to raise and process are the same.  Hence, the industry standard “hanging weight.”

Q.   Why is this better than the traditional method?

A.  It is cheaper for you, and easier for us.  You get to lock in a price now that is inclusive of the cost to raise, transport and process your animal.  We get predictability, and you get predictability.

Q.   Do you still offer traditional pricing?

A.    If we contract all of our capacity as part of our Pay as they Grow program, then we may not have any pork or beef to offer with a traditional pricing model.   If we have meat available, it will always be listed on our meat products page.    Traditional pricing runs about 20-25% higher.

Q.  Can you send me a picture of  “my animal”?

A.  Sure — in fact, if you want a picture every month we are happy to send one.

Q.  How do you estimate the hanging weight month-to-month?

A. We measure the animal using a tape measure.  Here is a detailed explanation.   Of course, at the end, the butcher shop will ALWAYS give us an actual official weight.

Q.  What happens if my final official animal weight is LESS than the last monthly estimate? 

A.   You will never pay MORE than the total contracted price per pound — if for some reason your animal weights less than our last estimate, you will get a refund for the difference.

Q.  Can I request that my animal is sent to the butcher at a pre-determined weight?

A.  We will try to accommodate special requests, however, we suggest a finishing weight of 225 -250 lbs (160 – 175 lbs hanging weight)  for pigs and a finishing weight of 1000-1200 lbs for beef.